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Disable Clickable Links in Notepad++

One of my favorite applications that I use a lot in daily basis is Notepad++. Is an application that does not need an introduction, but for those do not know, is a free source code editor and Notepad replacement that runs in the Microsoft Windows environment. It was designed as a very lightweight application that loads quickly.

Some of the features are:

  • Open Source: I suppose nothing beats having a notepad replacement that is completely free. In addition, its open nature means that changes can be made in order to facilitate one’s development efforts.
  • Line Numbering: I’m not sure why this was left out of the default Notepad application in Windows. Well Notepad++ has line numbering, which is always useful to have when editing source code or configuration files.
  • Zoom in and Out: Ever had to squint at text that is too small? Rather than having to change the size of the font just so that you can see them better, zooming in and out is trivial with Notepad++
  • Detection of Modified Files: Like most advanced text editors on the market, Notepad++ knows when files have been modified in the background. When detected, the software will prompt whether the user would like to reload the source file, or overwrite the changes.
  • Search and Replace: The value of this feature is often overlooked. I’ve personally found it to be very useful when editing configuration files, which required a search and replace of multiple items.
  • Syntax Highlighting: Syntax highlighting is always a useful feature to have, whether doing a quick edit or viewing of source code.

On the last update (6.8.1 release on 04/Aug/2015) it came with a lot of improvements, bug fixes but also it came with with an annoying functional change. Previously, when editing an HTML document or a document with a weblink in Notepad++ you could click the link and edit it. After the update, all the links are clickable. That means, if you click a link on the editor, instead of having the ability to edit it, the link opens in your default web browser. Thankfully, this new feature can be disabled, so let’s see how to disable clickable links in notepad:

  • Open Notepad++ and go to Settings\Preferences;
  • In the Preferences window, click the MISC. tab on the left;
  • Under the Clickable Link Settings section uncheck the Enable checkbox.

disable clickable links in notepad plus plus

You have to restart the application in order the change to take effect. Once the feature is disabled, links in Notepad++ go back to their old behavior i.e. click inside a link and you can easily edit it.
You can always reverse the process by following the above steps.

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