Uninstall or Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically

A few minutes ago a college pop in in my room and asked me to stop Skype for Business from starting automatically every time he was rebooting his laptop as he was not using it.

As previously covered, Skype for Desktop and Skype for Business, Microsoft re-designed and re-branded Microsoft Lync Online to Skype for Business which is part of Microsoft Office.

For some users the program loads when the computer starts up. So let’s get started:

Stop Skype for Business from Starting Automatically

To stop Skype for Business or even Lync from starting automatically do the following:

  • Click the Drop Down arrow next to the Gear icon, then Tools and Options.


  • Click on the left Personal and unclick Automatically start the app when I log on to Windows and then click OK.


Removing Skype

  • Exit Skype (right click on Skype icon in the taskbar and click exit).


Note: Save your personal information (if required). Your contacts, purchases and account information are stored on our servers, but other personal files such as chat messages, voice messages and snapshots taken during video calls, are only saved on your computer. To keep this personal information, you need to make a copy of it. So to do so press Win Key + R and type %appdata%\skype
Copy the Pictures folder and the folder with your Skype name to another location, ie in Documents folder or straight on your Desktop.

  • Open Program and Features from Start\Control Panel (or Win Key+R and type appwiz.cpl for Win 8 and Win 10). Since Skype for Business is part of Microsoft Office, you will need to remove it from your Microsoft Office Suite, so locate Microsoft Office, right click and choose Change.


  • On the next windows click on Add or Remove Features and click Continue.


  • From there you would uninstall Skype for Business by making either Microsoft Lync or Skype for Business (depending on your MS Office Version) Not Available and Click Continue.


You can always reverse the process by downloading Skype for Business either from Windows Updates (KB2889853) or from Skype Webpage.

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts or alternative methods.


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