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Stop Windows 10 Uploading Updates to Other PCs

Windows 10 includes a new way of delivering updates. The feature, which is dubbed as Windows Update Delivery Optimization works pretty much like a torrent – its new peer-to-peer (P2P) delivery update mechanism. Using the P2P option, you could download a Windows update once, this machine hosts the Windows Update files locally and then deliver the updates to all the PCs on your local network or over the internet (by default) using your bandwidth, as a result Windows 10’s P2P sharing using your upload bandwidth and slowing down your internet/network connection.

While some of you may like this feature especially on slow broadband connections as you need to download the updates for all of your devices only once, it’s kind of annoying as Microsoft has chosen to deliver the updates to other PCs on the internet by default.

You can continue to use P2P updates on your local network, but you may not want to waste your upload bandwidth to help reduce Microsoft’s bandwidth bills. This is especially if you have data caps on your Internet connection.

How to stop Windows 10 uploading updates to other PCs?

  • Click on Start and type “Settings”.


  • Click on “Update & security” option.


  • Scroll down and select “Advanced options”.


  • Click on “Choose how updates are delivered”


  • In the next screen you have a few options:

Off: This disables the P2P update feature entirely. Updates will only be downloaded from Microsoft’s servers, and won’t be uploaded to anywhere.

PCs on my local network: This is the best option. With this enabled, you will benefit from P2P updates on your local (home/work) network. This means faster downloads and less download bandwidth will be used. You will only have to download the updates once and they will be shared among all your PCs. Your PC will never upload updates over the Internet.

PCs on my local network, and PCs on the Internet: This option is the default, although it probably shouldn’t be. With this enabled, Windows 10 will upload updates from your PC to other computers over the Internet. These computers would normally just download updates from Microsoft, but Microsoft will save on bandwidth because they’re getting some updates from your computer over you Internet connection.

My recommendation is to use “PCs on my local network” option as by using this options (see below), you can opt to only allow P2P updates among machines on your local network. Alternatively you can disable them and rely on Microsoft’s servers.



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