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Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode

Sometimes the website you’re visiting doesn’t look right. It shows up as a jumble of out of place menus, images, and text boxes. What’s causing the problem? This might be caused by a compatibility problem between Internet Explorer and the site you’re on. Sometimes, this can be fixed by adding the site to your Compatibility View list.

Note: If you add a site to the Compatibility View list and the page looks worse, the problem might not be compatibility and you should remove the site from the list.

This article describes how to use the Internet Explorer Compatibility Mode feature in Internet Explorer 9 to view the websites that are designed for an earlier version of Internet Explorer.

Click the Compatibility View button on the Address bar

When Internet Explorer recognizes that a webpage is not compatible, you will see the Compatibility View button on the Address bar. Then clicking it.


When Compatibility View is turned on, the button changes from an outline to a solid colour when you view the page.


Set and use Compatibility View on the Menu bar

To use Compatibility View, open the webpage in Internet Explorer, and then click Compatibility View on the Tools menu. If you do not see the Tools menu, press the ALT key or right-clicking the Address bar and selecting Menu bar.


In the Compatibility View Settings windows, type the address of the webpage, and then click Add and then close.


Display all websites in compatibility view

In some cases your browser may be set to always try to use compatibility mode.

  • Open IE and press Press the ALT key to bring up the IE Menubar;
  • Click on the Tools menu and then compatibility view setting;
  • Look for the checkbox “display all the websites in compatibility view”.



In Compatibility View, websites will be displayed as if you were viewing them in a previous version of Internet Explorer, which will often correct display problems. You don’t need to click the button for a site after you’ve done it once, the next time you visit the site, Internet Explorer 9 will automatically show it in Compatibility View (if you ever want to go back to browsing with Internet Explorer on that site you can always reverse the process).

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts or alternative methods.


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