August Website Update

I was thinking to do the website updates in yearly basis but I thought it would be nice to give you an August Website Update.

For the past few weeks as you could understand I am very busy.

My aim is to post at least five articles per week in daily basis (Mon-Fri) and also to short the web page as much as I can.

In addition to that since the 7th of August I am working on the Glossary page which is live since the beginning of last week.

This page is not only updating in daily basis but also has grown dramatically since the creation.

So far Glossary page consists over 400 computer definitions and still growing.

Most of the definitions are coming from my experience and also from

In the next week or so the majority of the work in the Glossary page will be completed and another big thing is coming too.

So stay tuned!


Experienced IT Consultant working and living in the UK. In early years he was born and raised up in Greece and been to the UK since studies. He is passionate with technology, gadgets and computers, he really likes the internet and IT in general.

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