Mail Merge in Word

Ever wonders how can you use Mail Merge in Word? Here is how.

Use Mail Merge:

  • Open an existing Word document, or create a new one.
  • From the Mailings tab, click the Start Mail Merge command and select Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard from the drop-down menu.

The Mail Merge pane appears and will guide you through the six main steps to complete a merge. The following example demonstrates how to create a form letter and merge the letter with a recipient list.

  • Choose the type of document you wish to create. In this instance, we’ll select Letters. Then click Next: Starting document.
  • Select Use the current document, then click Next: Select recipients.
  • Now you’ll need an address list so Word can automatically place each address into the document. The list can be in an existing file, such as an Excel workbook, or you can type a new address list from within the Mail Merge Wizard.
    • From the Mail Merge task pane, select Use an existing list, then click Browse to select the file.
    • Locate your file and click Open.
    • If the address list is in an Excel workbook, select the worksheet that contains the list and click OK.
    • In the Mail Merge Recipients dialogue box, you can check or uncheck each box to control which recipients are included in the merge. By default, all recipients should be selected. When you’re done, click OK.
    • From the Mail Merge task pane, click Next: Write your letter.

Note: If you don’t have an existing address list, you can click the Type a new list button and click Create. You can then type your address list.

  • Now you’re ready to write your letter. When it’s printed, each copy of the letter will basically be the same; only the recipient data (such as the name and address) will be different. You’ll need to add placeholders for the recipient data so Mail Merge knows exactly where to add the data.
    To insert recipient data:

    • Place the insertion point in the document where you wish the information to appear.
    • Choose one of the four place holder options: Address block, Greeting line, Electronic postage or More items.
    • Depending on your selection, a dialogue box may appear with various options. Select the desired options and click OK.
    • A place holder will appear in your document. For example: “AddressBlock”.
    • Repeat these steps each time you need to enter information from your data record. In our example, we’ll add a Greeting line.
    • When you’re done, click Next: Preview your letters.

Note: For some letters, you’ll only need to add an Address block and Greeting line. Sometimes, however, you may wish to place recipient data within the body of the letter to personalize it even further.

  • Preview the letters to make sure the information from the recipient list appears correctly in the letter. You can use the left and right scroll arrows to view each document. Click Next: Complete the merge.
  • Click Print to print the letters., A dialogue box will appear. Click All, then click OK. The Print dialogue box will appear. Adjust the print settings if needed, then click OK. The letters will be printed.

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts or alternative methods.


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