Retrieve a Forgotten Wi-Fi Password in Windows 8 and Windows 10

Some people go months or even years without typing in their Wi-Fi password if your devices store it and log you into the network automatically.

If you have forgotten your Wi-Fi password, you can retrieve it quite easily from any PC that’s running either Windows 8 or Windows 10 as long as it’s currently logged into the network. So, here’s how:

  • Press the Win Key + R and type ncpa.cpl in the run box, then press the enter key;
  • Right click on your Wireless Network Connection and click Status;


  • Click on Wireless Properties;


  • Select the Security tab and click the box labeled Show characters. Your password for your connected wireless network will appear in the Network security key field.



Note: The above trick works only if you are connected to your Wi-Fi Netwrok and are logged in as administrator, otherwise you will be prompted by UAC for administrative credentials.

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I hope that this article helped you to understand how to retrieve a forgotten Wi-Fi password in Windows 8 and Windows 10. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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