Expire Partial Post Content in WordPress

Previously I have covered WordPress Posts and Pages Expiration Date, but many of our readers ask how to remove part of the post or page content after a certain time.

The best solution for this case is to install and activate a plugin called Scheduled Content.

This plugin allows you to schedule part of your post content to be published and expired on dates you specify.

All you need to do is wrap your content with the shortcode [schedule] and set the date and time you would like it to expire. When that time arrives, this content will disappear and no longer be visible to your readers.

Your shortcode should look like this:

[schedule on=’2014-12-01′ at=”10:01″ expon=’2014-12-01′ expat=”13:15″] the content you want to hide here [/schedule]

The 4 parameters are “on”, “at”, “expon” and “expat”. “on” accepts a date, until that date is arrived the content will be hidden. “at” accepts a time. Time has to be set in 24hrs format. (date should be yy-mm-dd if you only pass time) “expon” accepts a date, the content will disappear from the page on this date. “expat” accepts a time. Time has to be set in 24hrs format. (date should be yy-mm-dd if you only pass time)

Note: The time is compared with your blog’s timezone settings. So before you enter the times, go to Settings\General of your WordPress dashboard, and under Timezone check the time of your blog.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to expire partial post content in WordPress. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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