Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that you can use to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the work done faster, but also more efficient.

Previously I have covered Microsoft Windows, Windows 8.1 and RT, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Ubuntu, Apple, WordPress, Twitter and Windows Mail app Keyboard Shortcuts. This article covers Thunderbird app Keyboard Shortcuts. So let’s get started.

Message functions

Ctrl+N (New Message)
Ctrl+M (New Message)
Ctrl+R (Reply to Message (sender only)
Ctrl+Shift+R (Reply to All in Message (sender and all recipients)
Ctrl+Shift+L (Reply to List)
Ctrl+L (Forward Message)
Ctrl+E (Edit Message as New)

Receiving and reading messages

F5 (Get New Messages for Current Account)
Shift+F5 (Get New Messages for All Accounts)
Ctrl+O or Enter (Open message in new window or tab)
Ctrl+Shift+O (Open message in conversation)
Ctrl++ (plus) or Ctrl+= or Ctrl+scroll wheel up (Zoom In)
Ctrl+- or Ctrl+scroll wheel down (Zoom Out)
Ctrl+0 (zero) (Reset Zoom)
* (Expand All Threads)
\ (Collapse All Threads)
K (Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Thread)
Shift+K (Newsgroups: Ignore or Unignore Subthread)
W (Newsgroups: Watch Thread)

Managing your messages

Ctrl+P (Print message or selected message text)
Ctrl+S (Save Message as File)
Ctrl+U (View Message Source)
Ctrl+A (Select All (messages, text, or attachments)
Ctrl+Shift+A (Select Thread)
F7 (Toggle Caret browsing (select text with keyboard)
Ctrl+C (Copy selected text)
Ctrl+X (Cut selected search text)
Ctrl+V (Paste text into search or filter fields)
Drag message to destination folder (Move message to another folder)
Ctrl+Shift+M (Move/Copy message to previous target folder Again)
A (Archive Message)
Del (Delete message, folder, attachment, or selected search text)
Shift+Del (Delete message bypassing trash, no Undo)
Ctrl+Z (Undo)
Ctrl+Y (Redo)
F2 (Rename Folder)

Tagging and marking your messages

1 to 9 (Add/Remove Tag)
0 (zero) (Remove All Tags from Message)
M (Mark Message as Read/Unread)
R (Mark Thread as Read)
Shift + C (Mark All Read)
C (Mark as Read By Date)
J (Mark as Junk)
Shift+J (Mark as Not Junk)
S (Add/Remove Star)

Finding messages

Ctrl+K (Search All Messages, global fulltext search in all accounts)
Ctrl+Shift+K (Quick Filter (search messages in current folder or view)
Esc (Clear current Quick Filter; hide Quick Filter Bar)
Ctrl+Shift+F (Search Messages, advanced search in folder)

Finding text in the current message

Ctrl+F (Find Text in Current Message)
Ctrl+G or F3 (Find Again in Current Message)
Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift+F3 (Find Previous in Current Message)

Moving between messages

Alt+Home (Go to Mail Start Page)
Space (Scroll Down Current Message, then Go to Next Unread Message)
F (Go to Next Message)
B (Go to Previous Message)
N (Go to Next Unread Message)
P (Go to Previous Unread Message)
T (Go to Next Unread Thread, and mark current thread as read)
] (Go to Next Viewed Message)
[ (Go to Previous Viewed Message)

Windows and tabs

Move to Next UI Element (Tab)
Move to Previous UI Element (Shift+Tab)
Move to Next Mail Pane (F6 or Ctrl+F6)
Move to Previous Mail Pane (Shift+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+F6)
Next Tab (Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down)
Previous Tab (Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up)
Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab (Tab 1) (Ctrl+1)
Tab 2 to 8 (Ctrl+2 to 8)
Last Tab (Ctrl+9)
Address Book (Ctrl+Shift+B)
Saved Files (Ctrl+J)
Help (F1)
Toggle Message Pane (F8)
Toggle Menu Bar (if hidden) (Alt or F10))
Show context menu (Menu key or Shift+F10)
Close window or tab (Ctrl+W, Alt+F4 (only for closing a window), Ctrl+F4 (only for closing a tab)
Undo close tab (restore and go to most recently closed tab) (Ctrl+Shift+T)
Quit Thunderbird (Exit Application) (File, Exit)

Creating, saving, and sending a message

Ctrl+N or Ctrl+M (New message)
Ctrl+S (Save Draft)
Ctrl+P (Print Draft)
Ctrl+Enter (Send Message Now)
Ctrl+Shift + Enter (Send Message Later)

Controlling the compose window

F9 (Toggle Contacts Sidebar)
F6 or Ctrl+F6 or Ctrl+Tab (Move to next main UI element)
Shift+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+F6 or Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Move to previous main UI element)
Ctrl++ (plus) or Ctrl+= or Ctrl + scroll wheel up (Zoom In)
Ctrl+- or Ctrl+scroll wheel down (Zoom Out)
Ctrl+0 (zero) (Reset Zoom)
Ctrl+1 (Show Main Mail Window (Mail & Newsgroups)

Editing the message text and handling attachments

Ctrl+C (Copy)
Ctrl+X (Cut)
Ctrl+V (Paste)
Ctrl+Shift+O (Paste as quotation)
Ctrl+Shift+V (Paste without formatting)
Ctrl+R (Rewrap message text)
Del (Delete selected text, attachment, table cell contents, or table)
Ctrl+Del (Delete word to the right, from cursor to end of word)
Ctrl+Backspace (Delete word to the left, from cursor to start of word)
Ctrl+A (Select All, text in a message, or attachments)
Ctrl+Click within cell (Select Table Cell)
Drag across cells of rows or columns (Select Table Rows or Columns)
Ctrl+Click on table border (Select Table)
Ctrl+L (Insert Link)
Ctrl+Shift+K (Discontinue Link, or Remove Links from selection)
Ctrl+Shift+R (Remove Named Anchors)
Ctrl+Z (Undo)
Ctrl+Y (Redo)
Ctrl+F or Ctrl+H (Find and Replace Text in Current Message)
Ctrl+G or F3 (Find Again in Current Message)
Ctrl+Shift+G or Shift + F3 (Find Previous in Current Message)
Ctrl+Shift+P (Check Spelling)
Ctrl+Shift+A (Attach File)
F2 (Rename Attachment)

Styling the message text

Ctrl+> or Ctrl+, (Larger Font Size)
Ctrl+< or Ctrl+. (Smaller Font Size)
Ctrl+B (Text Style Bold)
Ctrl+I (Text Style Italics)
Ctrl+U (Text Style Underline)
Ctrl+T (Text Style “Fixed Width”)
Ctrl+Shift+Y or Ctrl+Space (Discontinue or Remove Text Styles)
Ctrl+] (Increase Indent)
Ctrl+[ (Decrease Indent)

Address Book

Ctrl+N (New Address Book Contact)
Ctrl+M (Write new message to selected contact(s))
Ctrl+F (Addressbook Quick Filter)
Ctrl+Shift+F (Addressbook Advanced Search)
Ctrl+I (Edit Properties of selected contact or address book)
Ctrl+A (Select all,contacts, or search text)
Ctrl+P (Print selected contacts)
Del (Delete, selected text, contact, or address book)
Ctrl+1 (Show Main Mail Window, Mail & Newsgroups)

Lightning (Calendar Addon)

F11 (Show or hide Today Pane)
Ctrl+Shift+C (Calendar tab)
Ctrl+Shift+D (Tasks tab)
Ctrl+1 (Mail & Newsgroups Home Tab, Tab 1)
Ctrl+I (New Event)
Ctrl+D (New Task)

Events Tab

Esc (Clear current Events Filter)
Alt+End (Go to Today)
Alt+1 (Day View)
Alt+2 (Week View)
Alt+3 (Multiweek View)
Alt+4 (Month View)

Tasks Tab

Ctrl+Shift+K (Filter Tasks)
Esc (Clear current Tasks Filter)

General Functions

Ctrl + C (Copy, selected events, tasks, or text)
Ctrl + X (Cut, selected events, tasks, or text)
Ctrl + V (Paste)
Del (Delete, selected events, tasks, or text)
Ctrl + Z (Undo)
Ctrl + Y (Redo)
Ctrl + P (Print)

I hope that this article helped you with Thunderbird Keyboard Shortcuts. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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