Remove Hyperlinks in Excel

Removing a bunch of hyperlinks can be nightmare. Imagine the time you have to spend by right-clicking on each of the links and selecting “remove hyperlink” on the context menu. Some would say it just takes two clicks, but what if you want to remove a dosens, hundreds even thousents of hyperlinks?

Below are some simple techniques you can use in order to remove single to multiple hyperlinks on a page. So let’s get started:

Removing a hyperlink

  • Right click on the cell and select Remove Hyperlink from the context menu.


Removing hyperlinks using the cell format

  • Select the cells having hyperlinks. You can use CTRL and LEFT CLICK to randomly select a cell;
  • On the menu go to the Editing group, click on Clear option and select Clear Formats.


Note: The cell is still clickable to remove the hyperlink completely you have to select Clear->All or Clear or remove Hyperlinks option.

Remove Excel hyperlinks on selected cells

  • Type in any text or number in a blank cell;
  • Right click and select Copy on the context menu;
  • While pressing CTRL, select each cell with the hyperlink you wish to be removed;
  • On the Edit menu, select Paste Special;
  • Under Paste, click Values and then click OK.


I hope that this article helped you to understand how to remove Hyperlinks in Excel. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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