Opera Mail Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that you can use to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the work done faster, but also more efficient.

Previously I have covered Microsoft Windows, Windows 8.1 and RT, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Ubuntu, Apple, WordPress, Twitter,and Windows Mail app, Thunderbird and Outlook Keyboard Shortcuts. This article covers Opera Mail Keyboard Shortcuts. So let’s get started.


Ctrl+K (Check email)
Ctrl+M (Write new message)
Ctrl+O (Attach files to message)
Ctrl+Shift+K (Upload queued messages to mail server)
Ctrl+Shift+S or Ctrl+Enter (Send composed message)


J (Go to next message)
U (Go to previous message)
H or Shift+J (Go to next unread message)
Y or Shift+U (Go to previous unread message)
Shift+Space (Move one screen-full up)
Space (Move one screen-full down, then go to next unread)
F8 (Set focus to message list)
F9 (Set focus to message)


Shift+? (Expand all threads)
Shift+? (Collapse all threads)
M (Mark thread as read)
N (Mark thread as read, go to next unread)

Managing messages

K (Mark selected message as read)
G (Mark selected message as read, and go to next unread email)
T (Mark selected message as read, and go to previous unread email)
Shift+K (Mark selected message as unread)
Ctrl+Shift+A (Mark all messages in active view as read)
Delete (Move selected message to Trash)
Shift+Delete (Delete selected message permanently, without moving to Trash)


R (Reply to message)
Shift+R (Reply to all recipients of message, including sender)
F (Forward message)
D (Redirect message)
Enter (Continue editing message, Drafts, Outbox, and Sent views)
Q or Shift+F9 (Focus “Quick reply” field)


A (Save sender’s address as new contact)
Shift+S (Save attachments)
L (Label message, for example important or funny)
E (View all messages associated with sender)
C (Copy raw message data to clipboard)


I (Toggle different layout of message list and message body)

Panel keys

F4 (Toggle last active panel with panel selector)
Shift+F4 (Toggle last active panel)
F7 (Activate panels for keyboard navigation)


Alt+P or Ctrl+F12 (Edit your preferences)

Help keys

Help keys
F1 (Open Opera Mail Help)
Ctrl+F (Search while viewing help page)

I hope that this article helped you with Opera Mail Keyboard Shortcuts. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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