How to Clear Bing Search History

Using your browser’s private or incognito mode prevents Bing from remembering your search history, but it’s easy enough to manually clear your search engine’s history even after browsing in its normal mode. You can do that from the site’s Options page.

So let’s started how to clear Bing search history.

  • Go to within your browser and then open the search engine’s settings through clicking the gear icon in the upper-right section of the Bing page;
  • Switch over to the History tab and click Turn off to stop Bing from saving your near future searches;


  • You can erase individual search results or all them at once. In order to erase a single result, place the mouse pointer over an item in the history and click Clear when it appears. If you don’t see the item you want to erase, search for it utilizing the search box on the page or click All dates in order to narrow the date range;


  • To remove all of searches from your history, click Clear all. Then choose Yes, clear all search history to confirm you want to erase your entire past history;


  • If you want to hide the automatic suggestions that pop up alongside your search history, go to Options and click the Settings tab. Then clear the checkbox for See search suggestions as you type and click Save. If you like the suggestions, you don’t need to turn them off in order to delete your history.


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