Start Windows 10 in Safe Mode using msconfig

If you have a problem with your PC, you can troubleshoot by starting it in Safe mode. Safe Mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer operating system (OS). It can also refer to a mode of operation by application software. Safe Mode is intended to help fix most, if not all problems within an operating system. It is also widely used for removing rogue security software. Safe Mode starts Windows with a minimal set of drivers and services. If a problem doesn’t reappear when you start your PC in Safe Mode, you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers and services as possible causes.

This tutorial will show you how to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode using msconfig.

Note: You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to start Windows in Safe Mode.

  • Press Win Key + R, type msconfig in the run box and click OK;


  • Click on the Boot tab and enable the Safe boot check box;

The options are:

  • Minimal: Safe Mode with minimal set of drivers and services (typically best for home users);
  • Alternate shell: Safe Mode with the Command Prompt (advanced power user option);
  • Active Directory repair: Restoring a server that is a Domain Controller (IT Admins only);
  • Network: Safe Mode with a networking (allows you to browse your network or even the internet, normally for antivirus definitions download).


  • Once you have chosen your option click the OK button and restart your machine.


Once your PC is restated it will go straight into the selected Safe Mode.

If you restart you PC for a second time, you will go into Safe Mode again. To stop that you need to reverse the process by opening System Configuration window again using the instructions above and uncheck the Safe Boot check box. Click the OK button to reboot.

I hope that this article helped you to understand how to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode using msconfig. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article using the comments section below or catch us on Twitter.


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