Insert a Picture or Clipart to an Email Message in Outlook 2013

Today, one of my college’s come to my office and asked me how to insert a picture or clipart to an email message in Outlook 2013.

So, let’s get started:

Insert a picture from a file

  • In an open message, on the Insert tab, click Picture;
  • Browse to locate the picture that you want to insert;
  • Click the picture you want, and click Insert.

Note: Microsoft Outlook automatically embeds pictures in a message. You can reduce the size of your email by linking to the picture. In the Insert Picture dialog box, click the arrow next to Insert, and click Link to File.

Change a picture’s positioning within text

  • Click the picture to select it. If the picture is located on a drawing canvas, select the canvas;
  • Click the Format tab;
  • Under Picture Tools, in the Arrange group, click Wrap Text;
  • Do one of the following:
    • To change an inline picture to a floating picture, select the wrapping style that you want.
    • To change a floating picture to an inline picture, select In Line with Text (Normal). Text won’t wrap around the picture—the picture is treated as if it were part of the text.

Insert a picture from a web page

  • Open the message.
  • On the web page, right-click the picture that you want, and click Copy;
  • In the message, right-click where you want to insert the picture, and click Paste.

Insert a picture from Bing Image Search

When you search for clip art and pictures online, you’ll be directed to Bing. You’re responsible for respecting copyright, and the license filter in Bing can help you choose which images to use.

  • In an open message, click the Insert tab;
  • In the Illustrations group, click Online Pictures;
  • In the Bing Image Search box, type a word or phrase that describes the picture you want and click the magnify glass;
  • In the list of results, click the picture you want, and click Insert.

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts or alternative methods.


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