How to Remove Blank or Empty Cells in Excel

If you have a lot of blank or empty cells in a Excel spreadsheet, you can delete them by right-clicking each once separately and selecting Delete.

This method is very time consuming especially if you have a lot of cells to delete.

There’s a quicker and easier way of deleting these cells, here is how:

  • Highlight the data range containing the blank cells you want to remove.

Note: You can locate the last cell of the active worksheet by pressing Ctrl+Shift+END.

  • Click Home, then Find & Select in editing section and choose Go To Special.
  • In the Go To Special dialogue box, check the Blanks option and then click OK (all of the entire blank cells are selected leaving the ones are not blank de-selected).
  • Click Home, then Delete from the Cells section and Delete Cells, the blank cells are now have been deleted from the selected range.

Please leave your comments below with your thoughts or alternative methods.


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