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Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts

Full list of Firefox Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that you can use to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the work done faster, but also more efficient.

Previously I have covered Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 and RT Keyboard Shortcuts. This article covers Mozilla Firefox Keyboard Shortcuts. So let’s get started.


Backspace (Back)
Forward (Shift + Backspace)
Alt+Home (Home)
Ctrl+O (Open File)
F5 or Ctrl+R (Reload)
Ctrl+F5 or Ctrl+Shift+R (Reload override cache)
Esc (Stop)

Current Page

Page Down (Go Down a Screen)
Page Up (Go Up a Screen)
End (Go to Bottom of Page)
Home (Go to Top of Page)
F6 (Move to Next Frame)
Shift+F6 (Move to Previous Frame)
Ctrl+P (Print)
Ctrl+S (Save Page As)
Ctrl++ (plus) (Zoom In 10%)
Ctrl+- (Zoom Out 10%)
Ctrl+0 (Zoom Reset)


Ctrl+C (Copy)
Ctrl+X (Cut)
Del (Delete)
Ctrl+V (Paste)
Ctrl+Shift + V (Paste as plain text)
Ctrl+Y (Redo)
Ctrl+A (Select All)
Ctrl+Z (Undo)


Ctrl+F (Find)
F3 or Ctrl+G (Find Again)
Shift+F3 or Ctrl+Shift+G (Find Previous)
‘ (Quick Find within link-text only)
/ (Quick Find)
Esc when the Find or Quick Find bar is focused (Close the Find or Quick Find bar- when the Find or Quick Find bar is focused)
Ctrl+K or Ctrl+E (Focus Search bar)
Ctrl+up arrow or Ctrl+down arrow (Quickly switch between search engines – when Search Bar is focused)
Alt+up arrow or Alt+down arrow or F4 (View menu to switch, add or manage search engines – when Search Bar is focused)

Windows & Tabs

Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 (Close Tab – except for App Tabs)
Ctrl+Shift+W or Alt+F4 (Close Window)
Ctrl+Shift+Page Up (Move Tab in focus Left)
Ctrl+Shift+Page Down (Move Tab in focus Right)
Ctrl+Home (Move Tab in focus to start)
Ctrl+End (Move Tab in focus to end)
Ctrl+T (New Tab)
Ctrl+N (New Window)
Ctrl+Shift+P (New Private Window)
Ctrl+Tab or Ctrl+Page Down(Next Tab)
Alt+Enter (Open Address in New Tab – from Location Bar or Search Bar)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+Page Up (Previous Tab)
Ctrl+Shift+T (Undo Close Tab)
Ctrl+Shift+N (Undo Close Window)
Ctrl+1 to 8 (Select Tab 1 to 8 if open)
Ctrl+9 (Select Last Tab)
Ctrl+Shift+E (Tab Groups View)
Esc (Close Tab Groups View)
Ctrl+` (Next Tab Group – only for some keyboard layouts)
Ctrl+Shift+` (Previous Tab Group – only for some keyboard layouts)


Ctrl+H (History sidebar)
Ctrl+Shift+H (Library window History)
Ctrl+Shift+Del (Clear Recent History)


Ctrl+Shift+D (Bookmark All Tabs)
Ctrl+D (Bookmark This Page)
Ctrl+B or Ctrl+I (Bookmarks sidebar)
Ctrl+Shift+B (Library window Bookmarks)


Ctrl+J (Downloads)
Ctrl+Shift+A (Add-ons)
F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I (Toggle Developer Tools)
Ctrl+Shift+K (Web Console)
Ctrl+Shift+C (Inspector)
Ctrl+Shift+S (Debugger)
Shift+F7 (Style Editor)
Shift+F5 (Profiler)
Ctrl+Shift+Q (Network)
Shift+F2 (Developer Toolbar)
Ctrl+Shift+M (Responsive Design View)
Shift+F4 (Scratchpad)
Ctrl+U (Page Source)
Ctrl+Shift+J (Browser Console)

PDF Viewer

N or J or right arrow (Next page)
P or K or left arrow (Previous page)
Ctrl++ (Zoom in)
Ctrl+- (Zoom out)
Ctrl+0 (Automatic Zoom)
R (Rotate the document clockwise)
Shift+R (Rotate counterclockwise)
Ctrl+Alt+P (Switch to Presentation Mode)
H (Toggle Hand Tool)
Ctrl +Alt+G (Focus the Page Number input box)


Ctrl+Enter (Complete .com Address)
Shift+Enter (Complete .net Address)
Ctrl+Shift+Enter (Complete .org Address)
Del (Delete Selected Autocomplete Entry)
F11 (Toggle Full Screen)
Alt or F10 (Toggle Menu Bar activation – showing it temporarily when hidden)
Ctrl+/ (Show/Hide Add-on Bar)
F7 (Caret Browsing)
F6 or Alt+D or Ctrl+L (Select Location Bar)

Media shortcuts

Space Bar (Toggle Play / Pause)
Down Arrow (Decrease volume)
Up Arrow (Increase volume)
Ctrl+Down Arrow (Mute audio)
Ctrl+Up Arrow (Unmute audio)
Left Arrow (Seek back 15 seconds)
Ctrl+Left Arrow (Seek back 10%)
Right Arrow (Seek forward 15 seconds)
Ctrl+right arrow (Seek forward 10%)
Home (Seek to the beginning)
End (Seek to the end)

Please leave your comments below with your favourite shortcuts or share the one you use and not listed above so I can check them out and possibly add them to this article.


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