Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts

Full list of Edge Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys that you can use to perform a task that would typically require a mouse or other pointing device. Getting familiar with keyboard shortcuts not only help you get the work done faster, but also more efficient.

Previously I have covered Microsoft Windows, Windows 8.1 and RT, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome and Microsoft Internet Explorer Keyboard Shortcuts. This article covers Microsoft Edge Keyboard Shortcuts. So let’s get started.

Atl+F4 (Close current active window (ex: Spartan)
Atl+D (Go to address bar)
Atl+J (Feedback & reporting)
Atl+Spacebar (Open system menu)
Atl+Spacebar+C (Close Spartan)
Atl+Spacebar+M (Move Spartan window with arrow keys)
Atl+Spacebar+N (Minimize Spartan window)
Atl+Spacebar+R (Restore Spartan window)
Atl+Spacebar+S (Resize Spartan window with arrow keys)
Atl+Spacebar+X (Maximize Spartan window)
Atl+Left arrow (Go to previous page that was opened in tab)
Atl+Right arrow (Go to next page that was opened in tab)
Atl+X (Open settings)
Left arrow (Scroll left on current webpage)
Right arrow (Scroll right on current webpage)
Up arrow (Scroll up on current webpage)
Down arrow (Scroll down on current webpage)
Backspace (Go to previous page that was opened in tab)
Ctrl++ (Zoom in 10%)
Ctrl+- (Zoom out 10%)
Ctrl+F4 (Close current tab)
Ctrl+0 (Zoom Reset)
Ctrl+1 to 8 (Select to Tab 1 to 8 if open)
Ctrl+9 (Switch to last tab)
Ctrl+click on link (Opens URL link in new tab)
Ctrl+Tab (Switch forward between tabs)
Ctrl+Shift+Tab (Switch back between tabs)
Ctrl+Shift+B (Toggle Favorites bar on or off)
Ctrl+Shift+K (Open new tab of current tab)
Ctrl+Shift+L (Search using copied text)
Ctrl+Shift+P (Open new InPrivate browsing window)
Ctrl+Shift+R (Toggle Reading view on or off)
Ctrl+Shift+T (Reopen the last tab you closed)
Ctrl+A (Select all)
Ctrl+D (Add site to favourites)
Ctrl+E (Open a search query in the address bar)
Ctrl+F (Open “Find on page”)
Ctrl+G (View reading list)
Ctrl+H (View history)
Ctrl+I (View favourites)
Ctrl+J (View Downloads)
Ctrl+K (Duplicate tab)
Ctrl+L (Go to address bar)
Ctrl+N (Open new Spartan window)
Ctrl+P (Print)
Ctrl+R (Refreshes current page)
Ctrl+T (Open new tab)
Ctrl+W (Close current tab)
End (Move to bottom of page)
Home (Move to top of page)
F5 (Refreshes current page)
F7 (Toggle Caret browsing)
F12 (Open Developer Tools)
Tab (Move forward through the items on a webpage, the Address bar, or the Favourites bar)
Shift+Tab (Move back through the items on a webpage, the Address bar, or the Favourites bar)

Please leave your comments below with your favourite shortcuts or share the one you use and not listed above so I can check them out and possibly add them to this article.


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