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How To Find Website Passwords in Safari

How To Find Website Passwords in Safari

One of my users just pop in my office and desperately asked me what was one of the on-line shops password.

This particular user is an Apple user and mainly is using Safari to browse the internet.

Thankfully, his password was stored in Safari Password list. To find out how to find website passwords in Safari check this out:

  • Open the Safari app, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences.
  • Click on the Passwords tab.
  • Click the checkbox for Show passwords for selected websites – this requires the administrator password to be entered for the Mac.
  • Choose the website from the list whose password you wish to reveal, then choose to “Allow” when permission is requested to reveal that logins password.

Once done, uncheck the box for “Show passwords for selected websites” for your own protection. You can also choose to remove passwords from the list if you no longer want them shown by clicking the remove button on the bottom right.

This method works only to reveal passwords are stored in Safari, but in due course I will cover other well known browsers such as Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera too.

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