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Hello and welcome to Web IT Blog.
I am excited about using this new communications tool and hope it will increase my collaboration and interaction with the public.
This blog is all about IT troubleshooting, Tips, Tuts, Resources and More.
Is Really important for me to comment at the bottom of the posts as this is giving me an opportunity to hear from you an alternative solution to the fix.
I will try to update this blog regularly addressing a variety of topics of IT solutions I face on my IT careerer.
I hope you enjoy the time surfing and welcome again to this blog. I hope this is the beginning of a lively and engaging dialogue.

If you have questions, issues or concerns about privacy, safety or security, accessing and contracting with this blog, please use the Privacy link from the main menu to find more information.

Enjoy your reading.



Experienced IT Consultant working and living in the UK. In early years he was born and raised up in Greece and been to the UK since studies. He is passionate with technology, gadgets and computers, he really likes the internet and IT in general.

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